Sunday, 4 September 2011


  1. Hi Thanks for the photos they look great

  2. Hi us again just had a real good look at the photos.. you look very elegant in your indian clothes banks.. we love kingys trousers too..are you charging the locals to take photos of you guys. you're tour is certainly putting you in the mix..which is great.. mum reckons keep the photos rolling for your book Travelling with Kids in India.Off the beaten track..tell xavie I like the monkey he chose to bring home to his pop and kingy's cow whispering looked very effective too.Great Jump Xav...nice picture of jon and xav on the train.
    Luv youse

  3. Fantastic photos B–J–Xav–King
    Thanks one can share a little of your seems–fantastic journey.
    Hope you all continue havin a fantastic time,
    Jason Stewart -Melbourne this week.