Sunday, 11 September 2011

kovalam continues

we ended up staying 2 more nights in kovalam beach, unable to let go of the beautiful spot we had nabbed ourselves.

we were sad to leave but we have a huge distance to travel and unfavourable travel devices on which to cross it.

after an overnight train from trivandrum to pondicherry.... where we had to fight to maintain ourwindow seats, plump and pread ourselves subtly to enusre people weren't sittting on our laps or resting on our shoulders.... from 4 pm till 5.30 am the next day we had our bodies squashed and shoulders slept on.

as more and more people piled on at each stop our spaces got smaller and smaller,the boys were exiled to the baggage racks and we spent the next 13 hours too worried to go to the toilet for fear of losing our seat. the boys though were set up above the crowds with our sleeping bags and pillows and had a very restful night.

jon and i watched as the man and lady respectively had a restful night sleep on our shoulders. as we thanked the lord fr having held on to our window seats as we gasped for fresh air before resting back to cop putird mouthfuls of curry poo breath for our resting neighbours. which was worse then the occassional whiff for the toilet.

after a very long night....we had to wake the kids and i just managed to get off with king and the rest of the baggage as the train was pulling out.....only to find we were one stop...approx 40 minutes off from our destination.

arghhh...anyway we had some chai...all of us and asked around and were taken by rickshaw to the door of the bus we needed just as it was pulling pondicherry... we all slept the 30 minutes there hooray pondicherry.

we then got a rickshaw to the sea( through the french quater) only to find this was not the place jon had so cherished and be underwhelmed with the french quarter....we made our way bags and all pulled out our blanket and pillows and had a relaxing time in the shady government park let the kids play and got our bearings.

we then walked all the way back to wehere we had been dropped originally by the rickshaw and found ourselves a beautiful clean big room with verandah at the new guest house ashram for 200 r a night...

after having a huge late lunch we hit the showers and went to bed and slept from 5pm till the next day.

we have awoken today planning a quick tour of pondi by rickshaw then bus to mamallapuram the place of which jon had actually longed.

we went and visited the church of the immaculate conception...( xavie said some prayers) visited the botanical gardens which are awesome...well would've been... then got hot and bothered trying to get to auroville but ended up at the bus stand and found ourselves on the bus to mamallapuram.

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