Sunday, 11 September 2011

kovalam beach

we ended staying in kovalam beach for something like 6 days it was awesome xavo made himself a 9 year old friend name ramesh... jon booked us into a beach front hotel with balcony overlooking beach and promenade and we lived it up for i think 4 days... we had also been trying to organise the next leg of the tour n.e to pondicherry and chennai but due to holidays and people coming to kovalam the train out are full? this didn't make much sense but gave us an excuse to stay longer so we didn't push it too much.

an indian man came up to us today while we were on the beach making a sand castle and pushed through the viewing paviolion of people to ask us what was happening? i said with what? he said with the crowd... to which i casually replied we seem to attract this size crowd where ever we go...... yes thanks to our golden children we go nowhere without many paparazzi and tribes of locals following us.
 the boys have definately passed the point of obliging photographers and even bribes will not get them to be picked up or cuddled....
we feel bad for the locals but if they could see how often our children were man handled perhaps they'd be a little more sympathetic.... we are now becoming tougher and saying no to the frequent pleads for photo photo and are very protective of our boys who cannot go more then two steps without being grabbed, pinched or squeezed.


 i sit here alone the sun has just set behind the low lying cloud on the horizon.
 it has been the first sunset I have actually seen since being was spectacular!!!

for about 15 mins i could see no colours other than a thick beautiful golden haze i could see black silhouettes of 100's of locals frollicking in the shallows of the ocean and more lining thye edges of the sand.

the sun then quickly sank below the clouds on the horizon and the colours began to come back to life.
i looked down towards the headland and saw the masses of rosk began to move...they were actually masses of indians all standing shoulder to shoulder watching the sun go down..

i thought it is such a beautiful culture where pleasure is found in the simple things like sunsets, holding hands with friends (( yes even men and men) watching children play, running hand in hand from knee high waves ( yes even men and men).

we are here in  our second night at the waterfront room...king's asleep, xav's watching cartoons and jons downstairs at the internet cafe uploading photos....... i suppose such is life!!!!


Love the boys and banksia

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